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Summer Banner Program Call to Artist Awarded to Grade 12 Student Autumn Kim


For Immediate Release

Langley City, British Columbia – Each year, the City of Langley rotates spring, summer, and fall street banners to enhance the look and feel of the community and add to the character and charm of downtown Langley. This year, the summer street banners were scheduled to be replaced and City decided to create the first-of-its-kind Street Banner Call to Artists.

The Call was open to emerging and established artists who could create two pieces of complementary artwork that would showcase the character and charm of the City of Langley and the work that the City is doing to support active, healthy lifestyles through arts, culture, and recreation.

We are pleased to announce that Grade 12 student, Autumn Kim, designed the chosen banner as her design reflected the committee’s theme: multiculturalism in the community.

“While these two banner designs reveal several aspects of Langley, I mainly highlighted these three topics: diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusivity of Langley to exhibit the city's vision, "The Place to Be",” said Autumn Kim.


Artist Description of Her Work:

The banner on the left is a typography artwork of "Langley". This design represents the diverse and tight-knit community of the City through the intertwined letters. One letter design is yellow and has a stern look, while the other is pink and looks playful. These two-letter designs contrast with each other both in terms of colour and shape, symbolizing the diverse community of the city filled with people of various races and cultures. Despite their differences, these two designs come together to be complete, to become "Langley”.

The banner on the right is an illustration that showcases the multiculturalism, inclusivity, and exuberance nature of Langley City. Each character has a unique shape and colour to them, symbolising the residents of Langley with various ethnicities, identities, and backgrounds. Every character embraces each other's differences and gathers as a group.

Since there are several upcoming community events with music, the instruments of each character foreshadow those events and spread excitement for summer! It also reveals how Langley supports healthy lifestyles and community gatherings through these recreational events.

The City will also be presenting Autumn Kim, who was awarded a $1,000 honorarium for both of her designs for the Summer Street Banner Program Call to Artists, with two full-sized prints of each of her banner designs that are now up in downtown Langley. The presentation will take place on Saturday, June 18 at Community Day. We hope you come down and enjoy the event and the new banners.

Langley City would like to thank all of the artists who you for participating in the Summer Street Banner Program Call to Artist. We were overwhelmed with the response we received. The committee had difficulty picking the winning submission. We look forward to providing another opportunity for new, amateur, and professional artists in the near future, so please stay tuned.


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Samantha Paulson, Communications Officer