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Council Members

(Left to right: Councillor Leith White, Councillor Rosemary Wallace, Councillor Paul Albrecht, Mayor Nathan Pachal, Councillor Mike Solyom, Councillor Teri James, Councillor Delaney Mack)

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Write to Langley City Council:

Mayor and Council
City of Langley
20399 Douglas Crescent
Langley BC  V3A 4B3

Contact all members of City Council by phone at 604.514.2800 or by email at

Mayor Nathan Pachal

Whether by collaborating with other members of Council, with various community groups, and with regional and city committees, Nathan has worked hard to bring forward awareness around intersecting components of affordable, sustainable, healthy, happy, and accessible community design.

He has appeared in print, radio, and television, talking about affordable housing and transportation in our region. He has helped bring world-renowned urban design speakers to the community.

As a strong supporter of agricultural and green spaces, he authored a report on the Agricultural Land Reserve entitled “Decade of Exclusions? A Snapshot of the Agricultural Land Reserve from 2000-2009 in the South of Fraser.”

He believes we need a diverse transportation system that allows people to take transit, cycle, walk, or drive throughout the entire region. He co-authored a report “Leap Ahead: A transit plan for Metro Vancouver” to bring awareness to the importance of accessible transit networks.

He worked with other members of Council to put forward policies to ensure we protect and renew our seniors' affordable housing. He will continue working to ensure Langley City is a place that working folks can call home.

In 2010, he completed the SFU & City of Surrey Transportation Lecture Program and presented on “Complete Streets.”

Nathan was first elected to Council in a 2016 by-election and elected Mayor in 2022.

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Community Day Committee (Chair)
  • Magic of Christmas Festival Committee (Co-Chair)

Contact Information

Phone: (604) 514-2801
Email: npachal(at)

Councillor Paul Albrecht

Councillor Paul Albrecht has lived in the City for 30 years with his wife Christine. They have four children, three boys and a girl, and have one very independent cat. Paul was elected in 2014 to his first term in office. He loves to play hockey and enjoys cycling, traveling and spending time with his family. Paul loves the City of Langley because it has everything a person needs within a reasonable distance and it is a great place to raise a family. The community is unique because it has all the amenities one needs, yet retains the small town feel. 

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Advisory Design Panel (Chair)
  • Crime Prevention Committee (Chair)
  • Environmental Sustainability Committee (Chair)
  • Fraser Valley Regional Library Board (Alternate)
  • Magic of Christmas Festival Committee (Chair)
  • Metro Vancouver Board of Directors (Council Representative)
  • Socio-Cultural and Economic Development Advisory Committee (Chair)


Contact Information

Email:  palbrecht(at)

Councillor Teri James

Teri, her husband Bob, and their four children moved to Langley City from Victoria in 2001 and immediately fell in love with the community. She soon became the Executive Director of the Downtown Langley Business Association (DLBA) and in 2005 was elected to Langley City Council.

Teri has been working for the DLBA since October 2001 and has sat on numerous panels, committees, and advisory boards in this role. Working in the downtown core for over two decades and now serving her fifth term on City Council has provided her with much insight regarding the needs and challenges facing Langley City.

In September 2017, the DLBA was awarded Langley City’s tourism contract, Discover Langley City, and she now oversees both the Downtown Langley Business Association and Discover Langley City as Executive Director.

Teri will continue to respect diversity, inclusivity, the ongoing truth and reconciliation journey, and the partnerships that exist between Langley City and the many other community groups they work with. She believes that working together is the key to the City moving forward and she feels certain that is the direction this council will take.

Teri brings to the table her passion for the community and it is of vital importance to her that we all keep this community vibrant and maintain the quality of life for everyone for years to come.

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Gateway of Hope Community Council (Council Representative)
  • Langley Christmas Bureau (Chair)
  • Socio-Cultural and Economic Development Advisory Committee (Co-Chair)

Contact Information

Email: tjames(at)

Councillor Delaney Mack

Delaney and her fiancé live in Nicomekl. She has a passion for travel with some of her favourite destinations having been Peru, Italy, and Argentina. When she is at home, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, playing board games, and reading.
Delaney is a member of our local business community. Specifically, she owns and works in her small business on the one way. Her store is named Hempyz and has been a staple within the community since 2008, you may have seen it! Continuing to live and work within the community keeps her in touch with the challenges facing us and makes her more easily relatable to fellow residents.
She took university classes at our very own KPU studying Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. She loved her time there however in her early twenties she diverted her attention from scholastic pursuits to focus on her business. Her company continues to provide a scholarship for students studying Sociology there annually.
Delaney’s business experience coupled with her educational background and personal passion for the social sciences give her confidence in this role. She is capable of execution while considering its larger impacts, thoughtfully. As someone who strives to do well, she is dedicated to putting in the hard work necessary in this role.
Whether you voted for her or not she would like you to know that she cares about your concerns and challenges. As a member of Council, it is her goal to have residents feel respected, heard, and represented over the next four years.

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Crime Prevention Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Gateway of Hope Community Council (Alternate)
  • Healthier Community Partnerships (Alternate)
  • Langley Human Dignity Coalition (Alternate)

Contact Information

Email:  dmack(at)

Councillor Mike Solyom

Mike and his wife Julia live in the Uplands neighborhood of Langley City with their two young children, Jake and Alexis. Mike first moved to Langley in 2000 as a teenager, having grown up in the Montreal area of Quebec. While studying for his undergraduate degree in Economics and Math he lived in Vancouver, and while studying for his Master’s in Economics, he lived in Toronto. His time in these cities has given Mike an appreciation for what is possible for a City like Langley.

This is Mike’s first term on Council, having been elected in the fall of 2022. He is a member of the Douglas College Commerce and Business Administration Faculty, where he teaches Economics and Business Statistics. He has been teaching Economics for over a decade, and the topic that gets by far the most engagement with his students is housing affordability. A recent survey showed that 71% of 18- to 34-year-olds were considering leaving Metro Vancouver due to the housing crisis, and Mike’s goal while on Council is to do what he can to bring that number down. He wants to ensure his own children will have a safe and prosperous future in Langley City.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys travelling – he has driven across North America with friends, and across parts of Africa with Julia. With his kids he enjoys playing games, watching movies, and building Lego.

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Advisory Design Panel (Co-Chair)
  • Economic Development Task Group (Co-Chair)
  • Langley Christmas Bureau (Co-Chair)

Contact Information

Email:  msolyom(at)

Councillor Rosemary Wallace

Rosemary Wallace lives in the downtown core of Langley City with her husband Keith of 36 years. She is passionate about community building and her journey into getting involved started at a very early age where she grew up in East Vancouver before moving to Langley 26 years ago. Rosemary has spent much of her life immersed in arts and volunteering in social programs, arts and culture, sports, environment, and education. She is a local visual artist, photographer, and singer-songwriter. Rosemary has been involved in many arts and culture initiatives, organizations, and the planning of events serving once as the Langley Arts Council President creating a mock arts center that offered a wide range of programming, gallery space, and artist studios. Rosemary was once the owner of the Freedom Arts Gallery which was located on the way of Fraser Hwy.

It is Rosemary’s fourth term on Langley City Council, once serving as a Langley School Board Trustee in between her second and third term as a City Councillor. She has sat on dozens of committees within Langley City and the Township of Langley, The Langley Christmas Bureau, Langley Human Dignity Coalition, Langley Volunteer Bureau, Langley Arts Council, Langley Immigration Partnership, Langley Poverty Reduction Task group, and the Terry Fox Run Committee along with serving on several committees as School Trustee and City Councillor.

Rosemary is a mother of seven and grandmother to six and has coached soccer and other sports while her children were growing up. She also engaged in the school’s arts programs helping to create musical theatre sets and mural projects and served as a PAC president.

Rosemary is excited about the next four years on City Council and looks forward to working with City Council and staff to see that the city is a comprehensive well-developed place that prides itself on looking after people, and the environment and to continue to have meaningful reconciliation with First Nations.

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Arts, Recreation, Culture and Heritage Committee (Chair)
  • Community Day Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Environmental Sustainability Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Fraser Valley Regional Library Board (Council Representative)
  • Joint School Board #35 / Municipal Liaison Committee (*Chair)
  • Langley Human Dignity Coalition (Council Representative)
  • Langley Local Immigration Partnership (Council Co-Representative)
  • Metro Vancouver Board of Directors (Alternate)
  • Performing Arts and Cultural Centre Task Group (Chair)

Contact Information

Email: rwallace(at)

Councillor Leith White

While serving his first term as a Langley City Councillor (Elected 2022) - Leith has been no stranger to serving the people and community of Langley City.  

For over two decades Leith has Pastored a church in Downtown Langley (Langley Vineyard). Combining his passion to see people thrive with his skills from a previous career as an Executive with premier retailers (IKEA, Staples, and Starbucks); he seeks to serve Langley City with a holistic perspective and practical approach to the needs of the city - now and for the future.

As a community advocate - he has worked through gathering and collaborating with individuals, community organizations, businesses, and all levels of government to create a better everyday LIFE for people living in Langley City. 

Leith and his wife Patti have been married for 38 years; have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.  

His passions are his family, and a holistic approach to personal health, relationship & fitness. He and Patti enjoy spending time together reading, gardening, traveling, and sharing time with friends around great food & conversation - oh, and hotrods!  

He welcomes any opportunity to listen & dialogue; connecting over genuine concerns expressed by residents, businesses, and community organizations of Langley City. His personal website is 

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Arts, Recreation, Culture and Heritage Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Healthier Community Partnerships (Council Representative)
  • Joint School Board #35 / Municipal Liaison Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Langley Local Immigration Partnership (Council Co-Representative)
  • Performing Arts and Cultural Centre Task Group (Co-Chair)

Contact Information

Email:  lwhite(at)

Community Partners

Members of City Council serve the community on a variety of regional committees and work closely with other levels of government and public service organizations. For your convenience we have provided links to their websites below: