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Garbage, Green Bin & Recycling

2020  Residential Waste Collection - Schedule     



Garbage is collected every second week according to the schedule for your zone noted in the 2020 Residential Waste Collection Guide. Recycling and Green Can waste (kitchen organics such as bones, meat, eggshells, leftovers, grease and leaves, grass clippings, branches, etc.) are picked up weekly. Recycling collection in Langley City is managed by Recycle BC, who distributes their new collection guide and calendar each spring.   For more information on recycling collection visit Recycle BC or contact GFL Environmental at 778.765.3662 or

Please place your garbage cans and green waste cans and bags at the curb by 7:30 am. The garbage limit is two 80 litre cans or two 66 cm x 91 cm bags not exceeding 20kg. Note there is no limit on recycling and green can waste pick-up. Waste collection trucks collect each group of materials separately between the hours of 7:30 am and 7:00 pm.

For information on missed pick-ups or to report other issues with service, please contact GFL Environmental at 778.765.3662 or

Langley City's online notification tool offers a simple way to help you remember waste collection days. Get a reminder email, tweet, phone call, or import a personalized calendar to iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar. Just enter your address.
Collection occurs on all statutory holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

To ensure we continue to enjoy a livable, prosperous and sustainable region, Langley City is committed to caring for the environment by reducing landfill waste and supporting the Metro Vancouver Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan. Below please find a detailed description of the garbage, green can/kitchen waste, yard trimmings and recycling programs in Langley City.

FAQ -Curbside (Single Family Residential) Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the changes to the recycling collection program in Langley?


  • GFL has taken over as the collection contractor from Emterra effective July 1
  • Residents will use new customer service contact information for questions/issues about their recycling collection: or 778-765-3662
  • A yellow bag has been delivered to each home – for residents to set out paper materials
  • A grey box has been delivered to each home – for residents to set out glass materials
  • Increased education and enforcement regarding sorting requirements


What remains the same about the recycling collection program in Langley?

  • The collection schedule will not change
  • The accepted materials will not change
  • Residents will continue to use the blue boxes that they have – now only for containers (plastic, metal and cartons and paper cups)
  • Multi-Family collection will continue to be provided by Emterra Environmental to multi-unit properties
  • No change to garbage/organics collection


General questions

Please contact GFL Environmental at or 778-765-3662.


Sorting Requirements

Recycle BC and GFL will be stepping up enforcement of sorting requirements. This may mean that residents’ material is not collected if they have not properly sorted into the three categories of paper, containers, and glass. If this occurs, an “oops” sticker will be left behind by the driver to inform the resident of why their material was not collected.

Additional Resources


Why are we getting a yellow bag for paper, the blue boxes were fine?

Yellow bags are used successfully in the collection programs in Township of Langley, City of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Vancouver, and the North Shore. The yellow bags are being implemented due to the enforcement of sorting requirements, many homes were not properly sorting paper into one blue box and containers into another.


Residents are welcome to continue using their existing blue boxes, as long as you are ensuring that the material is properly sorted.


We have never had to sort before, why the change now?

There have been sorting requirements in place for years; however, they were not enforced prior to now. Proper sorting ensures that more of the material that gets collected is successfully recycled.


Why are we required to sort if it all goes into the same truck anyway?

The truck body has separate compartments. The driver ensures that the materials are placed into the trucks compartments correctly.


Are the same materials accepted?

Yes, there are no changes to the materials that can be recycled. You can set out the same materials you did before, including items introduced by the Recycle BC program in 2015: paper hot beverage cups, empty aerosol containers and plastic plant pots. These items can go in your blue box. For information on which materials are accepted go to .

What do I do with the items not accepted in my recycling containers?

You will continue to be able to recycle all of the plastic and metal packaging, and paper, that you do today in your recycling containers. Materials that are depot-only (foam packaging, plastic bags and overwrap, and other flexible plastic packaging) should continue to be excluded from curbside and instead taken to a Recycle BC depot.  

A full depot list can be found at


Will I still get a text/email reminder for my collection?

Yes, if you’ve signed up to receive reminders with the Recycle BC app, you will continue to receive reminders.

What do I do with my extra blue box and green box?

You are welcome to keep the extra boxes. They can be used for storage, moving boxes, raised garden beds, or kept as a back-up recycling box in the event that your main box goes missing or is damaged. Unfortunately, the boxes themselves cannot be collected for recycling, so if you want to dispose of it, it will need to be placed in the garbage.

My recycling hasn’t been picked up, or I need a new blue box/yellow bag/grey box.

Direct resident to contact GFL Environmental at or 778-765-3662.

Was City of Langley already part of the Recycle BC program?

The City of Langley turned the management of the curbside recycling collection over to Recycle BC in 2015, Since then, Recycle BC has been directly responsible for the management of the collection program. The City is not involved, and residents do not pay fees to the City or to Recycle BC for recycling collection.


Do I pay the City for recycling service?

Residents of the City of Langley do not pay for the recycling collection service, either to the City of Langley, or to Recycle BC or its contractor. 


Do I have to pay for replacement recycling containers?

If you receiving blue box service from Recycle BC, the following replacements will be provided:

  • Up to one blue box replacement every three years without charge;
  • Up to one grey box replacement every three years without charge; and
  • Up to one yellow bag replacement every year without charge.


If your request exceeds the number of replacement containers allotted, you may purchase additional boxes and bags from GFL.


I need another container, do not qualify for a free replacement and do not want to pay GFL. What are my options?

You may use a rigid container of your choice, such as a store-bought recycling bin or a large plastic tote. Corrugated cardboard that does not fit in your yellow bag can be flattened and cut to no larger than 30” wide (76cm) x 30” tall (76cm). Stack neatly and securely place beside or between recycling containers.


What is Recycle BC?

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization that is fully financed by producers of packaging and paper, with a mandate to manage residential packaging and paper recycling programs in communities across British Columbia. Recycle BC provides recycling services either directly to communities or by working in partnership with local governments, First Nations, private companies, and other not-for-profit organizations to ensure households across BC are receiving best-in-class recycling services.


Single Family Residences

Garbage is collected every second week according to the schedule for your zone noted in the 2020 Residential Waste Collection Guide. Recycling and Green Can waste (Kitchen organics such as bones, meat, eggshells, leftovers, grease and leaves, grass clippings, branches, etc.) are picked up weekly.

Please place your garbage cans/bags at the curb by 7:30 a.m. The garbage limit is two 80 litre cans or two 66 cm X91 cm bags not exceeding 20 kg. Note there is no limit on recycling and green can waste pick-up. Waste collection trucks collect each group of materials separately between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Extra Garbage pick-up is available by purchasing garbage stickers ($3.00 per bag) from City Hall and Timms Community Centre (20399 Douglas Cr.) or Douglas Recreation Centre (20550 Douglas Cr.).

Large Item Pick-up of up four items (including furniture and appliances) per year is available to single-family dwelling residents by appointment only. To schedule a pick-up appointment, please call Emterra Environmental at 604.599.8651 or

Multi-Family Residences

Multi-family collection 

Multi-family collection, all households included in the complex share one set of large, rolling recycling carts. The carts are kept in a centralized area such as a garbage room or shed. All residents bring their material to the shared carts. The recycling truck makes one stop at the building and services all the carts collectively. In the City of Langley, Recycle BC has one contracted collection partner, Emterra Environmental. Recycle BC provides payment for collection services to the multi-family contractor to defer the cost of the recycling collection service. Multi-family contractors may charge fees to buildings for any costs that exceed the value of the payment by Recycle BC, for example rental of the recycling carts. 

Recycle BC, with assistance from the contractors servicing the area, will determine the best collection method for each property. 

Multi-family properties may reach out to Recycle BC at 778-588-9504 or, or by reaching out to Emterra Environmental directly at 604.599.8651 or to enquire about the service. 

Multi-family buildings have the choice to contract their recycling service to another company other than Emterra Environmental, but in this scenario, they would not benefit from the reduction of cost associated with Recycle BC’s payments to Emterra Environmental.