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Welcome to Langley City

Sunny day at McBurney Plaza in downtown Langley City.

Centrally located in Metro Vancouver in southwestern British Columbia, Canada, Langley City is a major hub within the region as well as a gateway to the rapidly growing Fraser Valley region. With a Regional City Centre designation in place and SkyTrain extension planned, Langley City is poised to continue to grow in our role as a significant business and service destination within the Lower Mainland.

  • City Profile – Get your first introduction to Langley City. Find an overview of our location, transportation links, population, and trade market to get a feel for what the city is all about.
  • Business Advantage – Langley City's success comes from more than just our location or population growth. Learn about how a variety of different businesses and investors have been able to thrive here, and see the recognition that Langley City has gotten for our excellence in doing business.
  • Statistics – Find an expansive collection of data on Langley City, including demographics, labour, licencing and development costs, public opinion, and more.
  • Vision & Values – Langley City is more than just a place of business. Learn about the lifestyle that we offer and our sense of community. Whether for yourself or your potential employees, Langley City provides a great place to live with a variety of neighbourhoods to suit everyone's needs.
  • Sectors – We've organized key information for a collection of business sectors here so you can find what is relevant to you at a glance. From automotive services to residential development, find what you need to know to make your investment.