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Maps and Open Data

The City of Langley's data and information is available in several formats, including maps, for you to access and interact with online or download for use later. 

Interactive Map

Our online interactive map allows you to view properties, utilities, streets, parks, air photographs, and lots of other information.  The map will work on most browsers and devices (Windows/Mac, tablet, smartphone), with an internet connection, and does not require any downloads.

Users may use the checkboxes to turn layers off or on or use the tools available to search for a property by address, measure distances, draw on the map, or create custom PDF maps.

Please click here to launch the Interactive Map

Open Data Portal

The City of Langley maintains a variety of geographic data. Through our open data portal, the City aims to increase the availability of this data.  Our open data portal allows you to search for and download many of the layers available in our Interactive Map in a variety of formats for use in your own maps and applications.

Please be aware that by accessing the Open Data Portal or downloading any data you agree to be bound by the City of Langley’s Open Data License.

Whether you are a developer, engineer, business, member of the community or an educator, we encourage you to explore and use the City of Langley’s data in your own maps and applications.

Access the Open Data Portal

PDF Maps

The following PDF maps are available for download free of charge.  These maps are updated periodically but may not be current. These maps can also be printed out for easy viewing.

Langley City Map
Trail Map
Brydon Lagoon
Buckley and Penzer Park
Portage Park
Sendall Gardens
Hydro Right-of-way
Map of the Langleys: City and Township
Schools, Parks and Recreation Facilities 
Truck Routes 
Bicycle Routes
Road Classifications
Point of Pride Adopted Areas

Wayfinding Maps

The City of Langley has developed the following new printed maps in support of its Wayfinding Strategy. Check out the City’s latest maps and look for the related Wayfinding information signs in Downtown Langley.

City Map
Downtown Inset Map