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Parks & Trails

Langley Trails

The City boasts several parks and trails that are sure to thrill any nature lover. The Muckle Creek trail takes you on a fabulous tour of Sendall Gardens.  Passing the legacy garden, tropical greenhouse, and water feature.  Not only is Sendall Gardens a great place to take a walk, it’s a popular setting for engagement and wedding photos. Park access points on 49, 49A and 50 Avenues.

Brydon Lagoon Nature Trail will take you on a tour of Brydon Lagoon, a magnificent wildlife sanctuary. The trail goes around the lagoon and has connectivity to the Rotary Nicomekl Trail and to Hi-Knoll Park in Surrey. This area is a bird lovers paradise.

Beginning at Buckley park on the western boundary, the Power Line trail follows the BC Hydro right-of-way east through the City and eventually brings you to the Uplands Dog-off Leash Park and the Dog Park Loop Trail at 206 Street. 



Nicomekl Flood Plain

The City of Langley offers a variety of recreational activities surrounding the Nicomekl River and its floodplain. The Rotary Floodplain Trail is a multi-use pathway that stretches across the city, connecting to the neighboring City of Surrey. This trail is perfect for cycling, jogging, and walking, and also provides opportunities to explore other nature trails in the area. If you need access to the floodplain, parking is available off of 53 Avenue, 203 Street, and 208 Street.





Bike Trail Maps

Discover Langley City in a unique way - on wheels! The recently released Langley City Cycles bike trail maps will guide you through the city's outdoor areas, trails, and downtown streets. You can also add a splash of vibrancy to your ride by following the Mural Walk and discovering the beautifully painted murals located around every turn.


3KM Map                                   5KM Map



10 KM Route                              All Routes

NEW! Trail Map
City of Langley Parks

Welcome to the City of Langley Parks!

Sendall Gardens - 201A Street & 50 Avenue


The Botanical Gardens covers an area of approximately 3.67 acres and showcases a stunning collection of distinctive plants, shrubs, trees, and a charming little stream named Muckle Creek. Visitors can relish the beauty of nature while enjoying the amenities provided by the park, such as five picnic tables, paved and unpaved trails, and a gazebo. It's a popular spot for wedding and family photos.

The Tropical Greenhouse, which displays a diverse range of vivid exotic plants, is open to the public from April 1 to October 1, while washrooms are conveniently located nearby.

The Legacy Garden at Sendall Gardens is available to book for small wedding ceremonies and photos

For further information or to book call (604) 514-2865.


Sendall Gardens     Sendall Gardens

Sendall Gardens

Portage Park - 204 Street & 51A Avenue

When entering the Nicomekl Floodplain Trail system, Portage Park serves as the main entrance. Prior to reaching the floodplain, visitors can enjoy an adventure playground, a paved play area for ball hockey, and paved trails. Conveniently located between the ball hockey court and a covered area with four picnic tables, there are also washrooms available for use.


Portage Park     Portage Park

Portage Park

Uplands Dog Off Leash Park - 206 Street and 44A Avenue

Uplands Dog Off Leash Park is a spacious 18-acre area that is fully fenced and equipped with a walking path around its perimeter. It provides an ideal environment for dogs and their owners to interact, exercise, and enjoy each other's company in an open and safe space. Additionally, the park has 5 picnic tables where visitors can relax and take in the beautiful scenery. The park is conveniently located off 208 Street, with a paved parking lot and a washroom facility available.



Uplands Dog Off Leash Park

Hunter Park - 199 Street & 45A Avenue

Hunter Park is a charming space featuring trails and a playground, nestled within a picturesque landscape of greenery. Rest and enjoy the fresh air on any of the 2 picnic tables located by the playground. 


Hunter Park     Hunter Park

Hunter Park

Conder Park - 198 Street and 50 Avenue

Conder Park is a small community park that features a playground and a ball diamond. If you want to relax and enjoy the natural scenery, you can sit on one of the picnic tables by the charming pond. There is also a paved parking lot and public restrooms located to the north of the park for your convenience.


Conder Park     Conder Park

Conder Park

Penzer Park - 198C Street & 47 Avenue

Adventure awaits at Penzer Bike Skills Park! This park features dirt jumps for mountain bike enthusiasts and is extremely popular with riders of all skill levels from beginners to experts. 

You can also find a parkour playground, a pump track and two bike rack areas.

This action-packed space also includes a fully-fenced court for basketball and ball hockey, a playground and 4 picnic tables.

Washrooms are available next to the fenced court as well as on the south-east corner of the park along 200th Street. Please note that the washrooms are only available between April 1 and September 1 every year.

Paved Parking is available to the west of Penzer Park along 198th Street.


Penzer Bike Skills Park     Penzer Bike Skills Park

Penzer Park


Nicholas Park - 209 Street & 50 A Avenue

Nicholas Park is a community park that features a playground, water park, perimeter jogging track, two picnic tables, and a tennis court. If you need to use the washrooms, you can find them located to the east of the playground. Please note the washrooms are only open from April 1 to September 1 annually.


Nicholas Park     Nicholas Park

Nicholas Park


Iris Mooney Park - 209 A Street & 47 Avenue

Iris Mooney Park is a charming local park that boasts an abundance of greenery and playground amenities.



Iris Mooney Park

Douglas Park - 206th Street & Douglas Crescent

Douglas Park is a beloved public venue that offers a multitude of attractions to keep individuals of all ages entertained. Among its amenities are an inclusive playground, a seasonal water park, a sports box, pickleball courts, outdoor fitness equipment, a bowling green, community gardens, basketball hoops, seven picnic tables, and public restrooms.

Douglas Recreation Centre, situated in the park, offers many programs for the citizens of Langley and is also available for rentals such as wedding receptions or banquets, etc. For more information, phone (604) 514-2865.


Douglas Park     

Douglas Park

Langley Spirit Square at Douglas Park

Located in the northern section of Douglas Park, the Langley Spirit Square is a wonderful covered stage that offers a great venue for outdoor performances and events. Its unique design provides ample space for performers and audience members alike, making it an ideal spot for a variety of different shows and gatherings. Whether you're looking to attend a concert, watch a play, or just enjoy a beautiful day outside, the Langley Spirit Square is the perfect place to do it.

The space can be booked for medium to large public events. For information or to book Spirit Square, please call (604) 514-2902.


Douglas Park     

Douglas Park

City Park - 207 Street between 48 Ave & 51 Ave

This park is a favorite among locals and boasts a variety of attractions including the Al Anderson Memorial Pool, a waterpark for children, an off-leash dog park, and a playground with a dinosaur theme. There is also a lacrosse box, 15 picnic tables, three covered picnic shelters, and ample open grassy areas. For convenience, washrooms are available on-site. 

If you're looking for even more fun, head to the south end of the park where you'll find a grass playfield facing 48 Avenue. On the north end of the park, adjacent to Blacklock Elementary School, there are three ball diamonds. For easy parking, there are paved lots located on 205A Street and 207 Street.

Three covered picnic shelters that can accommodate up to 30 people each are also available and can be booked for your picnic (parking is accessed through the lane at the 4900 block of 205A St). For further information or to book call (604) 514-2865.


City Park     City Park

City Park


Brydon Park - 198 Street & 53 Avenue

At Brydon Park, you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities. The park features a playground, a paved area suitable for ball hockey and basketball, an intermediate soccer field, a softball diamond, and washrooms for your convenience.

A paved parking lot is located along 53rd Avenue. 



Brydon Park


Brydon Lagoon - 5210 196 Street

Brydon Lagoon is located southwest of Brydon Park, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and witness a variety of wildfowl. You can enjoy a tranquil stroll around the lagoon's perimeter, taking in the serene surroundings.



Brydon Lagoon

Buckley Park - 196 Street & 48 Avenue

Buckley Park features two all-weather soccer fields, a fun-filled adventure playground, and convenient public washrooms. Additionally, this park boasts unpaved trails that are a part of the City's Nature Trail system.



Buckley Park     Buckley Park

Buckley Park

Nicomekl Park - 208 Street & 54 Avenue

Nicomekl Park, located on 208 Street and 54 Avenue includes a parking area off of 208 Street and is a good starting point to enter the floodplain and various walking trails.

While you are at the park you can enjoy a playground as well.


     Nicomekl Park

Nicomekl Park


Linwood Park - 201 A Street & Michaud Crescent

Linwood Park boasts a vast expanse of greenery that includes a soccer field, a playground that is accessible to wheelchair users, three picnic tables, a community garden, and an off-leash area for dogs.

Washrooms are available and are located on the south of the off leash dog park.

The site has access to a parking lot off of Michaud Crescent.


Linwood Park     Linwood Park

Linwood Park

Rotary Centennial Park - 20875 Fraser Highway

At Rotary Centennial Park, there are plenty of amenities to enjoy such as a playground, ball diamond, senior soccer field, display garden beds, and washrooms*. The park also has a paved walking path surrounding it, which is accessible to those in wheelchairs.

Paved parking is available.

*Please note that the washrooms are only available between April 1 and September 1 every year.


Rotary Centennial Park     Rotary Centennial Park

Rotary Centennial Park

Dumais Park - 208 Street and 57 Avenue

Dumais Park is a quaint neighbourhood park with an open grass area, trees, pathways, benches and a playground. While you are at play, store your wheels at the 208th Street and 57 Ave bike rack.


Dumais Park     Dumais Park

Dumais Park

Field Status Report
Sports Fields and Baseball Diamonds Status


  • Linwood Park - Soccer Field - Open
  • City Park - Soccer Field - Open
  • Rotary Park - closed until further notice

Seasonally, as weather changes, so can the conditions in the City of Langley's sports fields and diamonds. Occasionally, it may become necessary to close our fields and diamonds due to poor conditions.

Field Closures

Poor weather conditions or unsafe field conditions are the primary reasons for sports field closures. Most turf damage occurs with field overuse or use during inclement weather. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that fields are not used when play damages the playing surface.

In order to meet the demand for high-quality fields, and ensure a safe playing field, both weather and field conditions are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that scheduled games do not:

  • Cause abnormal damage to the field surface
  • Jeopardize further scheduled use of fields
  • Compromise personal safety of league players or general public

Fields will be inspected by parks staff during the months of October – April for the following conditions:

  • Standing water on field
  • Snow
  • Frozen field conditions
  • Ongoing field repair
  • Forecasted severe weather warnings

If any of these conditions occur, fields may be temporarily or permanently closed.

Field Open – Coach's Responsibility

Although fields may be open for play as of Friday afternoon, weather and field conditions may deteriorate by game time. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the field users to determine whether or not to resume play. It is the expectation of the City of Langley that home team coaches will inspect the fields two hours prior to game time to ensure the safe and playable condition of the fields based on our criteria.  If the home team coach designates the field as closed, it is their responsibility to notify the visiting team coach and their association. 

Field Status Description

"Discretion" status indicates that fields are open under the condition that the weather conditions deteriorate and there is potential for the field to become unsafe or damaged then it will promptly be designated as "closed" by users.

"Closed" status indicates a field is unavailable for play.

Any teams caught playing on the field may forfeit the right to play on that field for the remainder of the season.

To report field damage, please contact 604-514-2912.

Park Memorials
Langley City Parks Foundation

History of the Langley City Parks Foundation

On May 22, 1979, the Langley City Parks Foundation was established as a non-profit society. The Foundation was created to provide a means for individuals, groups and organizations to make donations towards park improvement projects in the City of Langley. The Parks Foundation works hand in hand with the City of Langley Parks Division and the Point of Pride Program to enhance our community. Donations are accepted for the purpose of installing approved fixtures and improvements in the City of Langley. All fixtures are maintained by City staff so that residents and visitors may appreciate your donation.

There are many reasons to donate to the Parks Foundation:

• Celebrate a personal or professional milestone in your life;
• Honour the memory of a loved one;
• Enhance community pride;
• Provide a living memory for friends and family; and, 
• Recognize your school, club or sports organization.

Download the PDF version of Langley City Parks Donation Brochure, and contact City staff if you are interested in making a donation.

Donation Opportunities

Classic Wooden Bench

Constructed with a cast iron frame and wooden slat seating. The cost includes a commemorative plaque. ($2,200.00)

Recycled Plastic Bench

Constructed with recycled plastic. The cost includes a commemorative plaque. ($1,000.00)


Classic Wood Picnic Table 

This attractive and accessible table is typically set on a concrete pad. The cost includes a commemorative plaque. ($2,200.00)


Recycled Plastic Picnic Table 

Constructed with recycled plastic. The cost includes a commemorative plaque. ($1,200.00)


Park Tree

The species and location of the tree are to be coordinated with the Parks Department. The cost includes a commemorative plaque. ($1,000.00)


Donation Information

• Donations are recognized with a receipt suitable for tax purposes.
• The donation includes the cost of supply and installation of the donated item.
• Location requests are welcome for the placement of donated items that commemorate a favourite place, a loved one or an important event. However, the final location will depend on site conditions.
• Timing of installation depends on multiple factors and may take several weeks. Donors will be contacted when the item is in place.
• Donations of benches and picnic tables are maintained for a period of 10 years after which time the donation may be renewed.

For further information, please contact:

Manager of Park Operations