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Summer Fun Pass

What is the Summer Child Fun Pass?

The Summer Child Fun Pass is intended to increase access to participation while reducing financial barriers to families in the City of Langley. The pass is valid from Monday July 1, 2024 to Sunday September 2, 2024.

How much does it cost?


What’s Included?

Children 4 – 18 years old will have ten (10) free drop-in activities throughout the summer, including public swimming at Al Anderson Memorial Pool, as well as drop-in gymnasium sports, Games Room, Fitness Track and Weight Room at Timms Community Centre.

The children/youth must be between 4 years to 18 years old at the time of registration. 

Where do I sign up?

The pass can be picked up in person at one of these locations starting June 12, 2024; proof of age and proof of residency is required:

• Timms Community Centre

• Al Anderson Memorial Pool

Proof of Residency

It is preferable that we receive a recent utility bill/rent receipt etc as proof of residency however, alternatives may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Proof of Age

Proof can be in the form of a birth certificate or other piece of government issued ID.

Is this pass for Langley City residents only?

Yes, anyone within the age range can get this pass providing they live in the City of Langley. Proof of age and residency must be presented at the time of registration. 

Is this pass renewable?

No, once the 10 passes have been used, it cannot be renewed.