Downtown Master Plan

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The Downtown Master Plan was developed over a two year period from 2007 to 2009 by the City of Langley and its consultant team. The objective was to produce a plan that would not only guide the development of Downtown Langley over the next 20 years but would serve as a catalyst for generating investment and economic activity in the City. The approach taken was to create an exciting vision for Downtown Langley that was embraced by residents, property owners and merchants then ground the vision in reality by conducting a rigorous economic analysis and finally to promote the plan in the community and the development industry.
The Downtown Master Plan was developed in three phases and each phase had its own interactive public consultation process. The three phases were:
Phase 1 – Illustrated Vision for the Future
Phase 2 – Urban Design and Economics
Phase 3 – Public Realm Plan
The final phase was completed in 2009 and presented to Langley City Council on January 11, 2010. The Downtown Master Plan will be implemented by the City of Langley in partnership with the development industry over the next several years.
The following is a listing of key documents relating to the Downtown Master Plan and its three phases. For further information, please contact the Development Services and Economic Development Department at 604-514-2800.