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Filming in Langley City

All filming in the City of Langley must retain the services of a Film Site Liaison; please contact our office for details.

Langley City welcomes the film industry to our community. To help all parties and to recognize the unique benefits that can be afforded to our residents and our community through the film industry, the City has established policies and guidelines to provide general direction when considering filming within Langley City.

In addition to these policies, we expect all production companies, their cast, and their crews to abide by the Creative BC Film Industry Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew, which outlines community expectations when filming in British Columbia.

Filming inquiries are handled by the Engineering Department, which can be contacted for more information.

Film Policy
The Langley City Film Policy outlines the general regulations by which filming activity in the city must abide. It includes information on Film Permit applications, Business Licence requirements, insurance obligations, street use and traffic control, rental of parks and other public spaces and facilities, neighbourhood resident and business consultation, noise and workhouse regulations, potential fire and RCMP requirements, along with various other conditions.

Film Permit Application
A Film Permit application must be submitted and approved in order to be permitted to film in Langley City. It asks for information on the type of activities to be filmed along with parking and street use plans and requirements.

Filming Fees
Various different costs can apply when filming, depending on the specific filming activity and the City resources required.

Business Polling Form
Business support for filming must be shown through this polling form and may require the approval of the Downtown Langley Business Association (DLBA) as well, as per our Film Policy.

Resident Polling Form
Local residents must be polled to demonstrate their support for filming, as described in our Film Policy. Review the Film Policy for specific details on how support is counted, the level of support required, and the boundaries of the area to be polled, and use the resident polling form to collect resident support.

Highway Use Permit Application Form
A Highway Use Permit is required whenever filming activity is expected to make use of or impact right of ways including roads, parking, and sidewalks. The form includes additional information on possible regulations and may require a security deposit to be submitted along with it.

Noise Bylaw Extension Application Form
If filming activities will violate the City's Noise Bylaw, a Noise Bylaw Extension can be applied to allow noise past regularly allowed hours.

Business Licence Application Form
In addition to a Film Permit, all productions must have an approved Business Licence to operate. Find any additional information you may need on our Business Licensing page.

Resident Toolkit
Film crews are a common sight in communities around British Columbia. To learn more about what to expect when filming occurs in your neighbourhood, the Provincial Film Commission has developed a toolkit for homeowners, tenants, and neighbours.