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Business & Licensing

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All companies operating in Langley City, whether based in our jurisdiction or not, are required to have a valid Business Licence before beginning business activities, according to Business License and Regulation Bylaw, 2013, No. 2916. This includes retail, commercial, industrial operations, home-based businesses, owners of residential rental properties, and registered nonprofit operations.


The following is an overview of the steps that need to be taken to open a business in Langley City. As you work through the process, various staff members are available to help along the way.

Step 1: Have a location, or a few, in mind where you'd like to establish the business. This will allow staff to confirm whether the location and zoning are appropriate for what you're proposing. Our Zoning Bylaw lays out the permitted land uses in different parts of the city, and our Interactive Map shows where these different zones are located. Contact the Development Services Department at 604-514-2830 for any assistance you may need.

Step 2: If the space or building needs alterations or renovations, a Building Permit will be required. Once the construction is complete, you will require an accepted Final Inspection before your Business Licence will be issued.

Step 3: Once any building improvements are complete, fill out a Business Licence application and submit it by email to You will need to pay a non-refundable fee after the application has been submitted and may be required to provide additional information

Step 4: Once your application is received, it will be referred to other relevant authorities such as the Fire Department, the RCMP, and Fraser Health. Click here for more information on fire safety inspection requirements for Business Licence applications.

Step 5: Once approvals have been received, the Business Licence will be issued. All Business Licences are valid for the current calendar year and expire at midnight on December 31 each year. Business Licences must be renewed with fees paid each year before their expiration.

An Intermunicipal Business Licence (IMBL) allows mobile businesses to operate in more than one municipality with one licence, rather than obtaining separate licences in each municipality they operate in. This provides significant cost savings and streamlines operations for business owners.

Eligibility for the IMBL is limited to mobile businesses which are defined as trades contractors or other professionals related to the construction industry that provides a service or product outside a fixed and permanent location. However, to be eligible, a business must have a fixed and permanent location in one of the participating municipalities and can apply for the IMBL at that municipality.

Participating IMBL municipalities are:

  • City of Langley
  • City of Abbotsford
  • City of Chilliwack
  • City of Delta
  • Village of Harrison Hot Springs
  • District of Hope
  • District of Kent-Agassiz
  • Township of Langley
  • City of Maple Ridge
  • District of Mission
  • City of Pitt Meadows
  • City of Surrey

An eligible business (including home-based businesses) will purchase a City of Langley Business Licence and add the IMBL ($250 fee) to your licence. The IMBL licence is valid for the same term as your regular business licence.

Home Occupations

Home-based businesses operate under the same Business Licence Bylaw and follow the same approval process as any other business. However, additional conditions apply:

  • Home occupations must be conducted by a resident of the property where the business is permitted
  • Home occupations can employ only one person who does not live in the residence where the business is based
  • Home occupations shall meet all provincial and federal health and safety requirements and produce no public offence or nuisance, by noise, vibration, smoke, odour, dust, heat, glare, electrical interference, or by any other means
  • Home occupations may have a nameplate with a maximum size of 0.2m2 to identify the business outside. Otherwise, there shall be no external indication of the existence of a business by displays, floodlighting, storage of materials, alteration of the appearance of buildings, or by any other means.
  • Child care centres are not permitted as home occupations when located in a residence containing secondary suites.
  • Retail sales are not permitted on the premises

Business Licence fees vary by category, and are listed in the table below:


2024 License Fees





Administrative Fee 






Mobile Vendor




Food Primary (restaurants)




Liquor Primary (bars, pubs, neighbourhood pubs)




Liquor Primary (cabarets, nightclubs)




Gaming Activities (casino)




Personal Health Enhancement Centers




Residential Rental Property (RCMP Certified)



$  286.00 

Residential Rental Property (Uncertified)



$  867.00

Home-Based Business



$ 286.00

Newspaper distribution Vending Boxes

$226.00 + $35.00 per unit



All Other Uses not defined about




Non-Profit Organization

No Charge

Government Services

No Charge

If you are a mobile business such as a trades contractor or other professional related to the construction industry that provides a service or product other than from their premises, you are eligible to apply for an Intermunicipal Business Licence (IMBL). The cost of an IMBL is an additional $250.00 per year. Find more information under the Licensing heading above.

Paying Your Fees
There are three ways to pay your Business Licence fees:

  • Online through Langley City's Easy Pay system
  • By mail or in person at Langley City hall:

Langley City Hall
Development Services
Second Floor, 20399 Douglas Crescent
Langley, BC V3A 4B3

*Please note: We do not accept payments over the phone.

Penalties apply to late fee payments on Business Licence renewals. A 25% penalty will be added on January 1 to all unpaid business licence fees. If accounts are still unpaid after January 31, a further 25% penalty will be added to the business licence fees.

Bylaws, Policies, & Permits

Find additional information here on the bylaws you will need to follow when starting your business in Langley City.

Zoning Bylaw
Interactive GIS Map
Langley City's Zoning Bylaw regulated all the land in the city and the uses that are allowed on it. For example, one zone may allow a child care centre while another may not. Use the Zoning Bylaw to find the zoning which permits the use of land you're considering, then look up what properties have that zoning in our map.

Business License and Regulation Bylaw
Read the full Business License and Regulation Bylaw, which includes comprehensive details on the City's Business Licence policies. It also contains additional regulations on specific business types such as daycares, pet stores, pharmacies, and thrift stores.

Intermunicipal Business Licence Bylaw
Read the full Intermunicipal Business Licence Bylaw. It lays out the detailed structure of the IMBL system and the regulations under it.

Sign Bylaw
A sign permit is required to display signage as part of your business, with specific information available on our building page. The Sign Bylaw includes detailed information on where different types of signs are permitted, navigating the sign permit process, as well as regulations on sign size and placement. It also refers to the Zoning Bylaw, as some requirements vary by zone.

Chauffeur Permit and Regulation Bylaw
Chauffeur Permits were formerly issued to those operating taxi and limousine services. On September 16, 2019, Provincial legislation to enable ride-hailing came in BC and, at the same time, the RCMP stopped issuing Chauffeur Permits. Current Municipal Chauffeur Permits remain valid until their expiry date or September 16, 2021, whichever comes first.