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Langley Emergency Program (LEP)

The Langley Emergency Program (LEP) is a joint program between both the City and Township of Langley that works together to ensure that any response to a disaster is both fluid in communications and coordination. The Emergency Plan for Langley is based on an ‘all hazards’ approach, and is tested yearly by staff from both communities and responding agencies, such as Police, School District, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Railway, Provincial Emergency Program and Emergency Social Services (to support those evacuated or impacted).

The Langley Emergency Program will:

  • Maintain and update Emergency Plans

  • Encourage citizens and businesses to be prepared

  • Train responders to follow BCERMS model of response

  • Train volunteer responders

  • Ensure during a disaster that guidelines and legislation are adhered to

  • Spread the word to "be prepared"

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