Boulevard Maintenance

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Guidelines for Property Owners/Occupiers regarding Boulevard Maintenance

(4) Duties of Property Owners

(a) Owners or occupiers of real property shall at their own expense:

(i) remove soil or rubbish from the sidewalk and walkways bordering the real property within 24 hours of the accumulation

(ii) remove any accumulation of snow or ice from the sidewalks and walkways bordering the real property within 24 hours after the cessation of any snowfall that caused any accumulation of snow or ice on any sidewalk or walkway, or prior to the depth of snow accumulation exceeding ten centimetres.

(iii)remove snow, ice or rubbish from the roof or other part of any such structure thereon adjacent to or abutting on any portion of any highway immediately, if such snow, ice or rubbish constitutes a danger to persons using the highway by being so located as to impose the threat of falling upon the highway.

(iv) be responsible for the appearance of the boulevard bordering their property, and shall keep the grass and any landscaping trimmed and cut, and the boulevard clean and free of litter, debris, weeds or other unsightly growth.

In accordance with Highway Use and Traffic Regulation Bylaw, 2013, No. 2871, Section 8 (4).

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our boulevards clean.

Engineering, Parks & Environment Department



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