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Update on Attending Council Meetings, Committee and Task Group Meetings


Due to the pandemic, Regular Council meetings, Committee, and Task Group meetings have been taking place electronically via Zoom, a video conferencing application, and will, for the time being, continue to be held this way.

Procedures are now in place to allow members of the public to attend these electronic meetings to view the proceedings.

For information on how to register to attend a Committee, Task Group, or Regular Council meeting via Zoom, click the following links below:

Regular Council meetings will continue to be recorded and the video will be posted to the City’s website for viewing. The City is also once again scheduling Delegations and Community Highlights to attend electronic Regular Council meetings. To inquire, email

Public Hearings will continue to be held by electronic means as permitted by Ministerial Order. Members of the public are able to provide comments by attending the meeting via Zoom or by written submission. Public Hearings will continue to be live-streamed to the public and the recording posted to the City's website for viewing after the Hearing. More information on how to participate in Public Hearings can be found here.