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Too Much Plastic Waste in Organics!


Attention all Curbside Organic Waste Collection Customers

For Immediate Release

Langley City, BC – The City of Langley has been advised by the organic processor that the amount of contamination from the curbside collection is exceptionally high and unacceptable for composting. The unacceptable materials end up in landfills which is contrary to our solid waste diversion goals. The City, therefore, has asked its collection contractor who picks up the organic material to pay closer attention and reject containers that are contaminated with non-organic materials and plastics, including plastics labelled compostable. So, if you see a note on your un-collected organics bin, it may be for that reason.

The City’s organic waste is aerobically composted, which means it is broken down into smaller pieces to compost the material faster. When plastics and other non-organic materials are amongst the organic waste, they are also broken down and are in the final product that is used regionally for all types of soil, including topsoil and potting soil.

Please ensure only compostable organic is placed in the green bins. Organics that are wrapped in paper bags or newspapers are also acceptable. Green cans containing any plastics (including plastic bags labelled compostable) will not be accepted or emptied until the bags are removed. Please follow the instructions and only place organic material in the bin. To see the complete list of accepted and not accepted organic material, visit the Garbage, Recycling & Green Can City webpage.

By sorting food scraps and garden waste before adding them to the green can, residents are actively reducing the community’s carbon footprint, supporting local businesses, and contributing to sustainable practices within our region,” said Langley City Mayor Val van den Broek. “By doing your part, you are helping local producers create environmentally friendly products for your neighbours, family, and friends to use in their homes and gardens.”


Media Inquiries:
Samantha Paulson

Communications Officer
City of Langley