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September 27 Council Meeting Highlights


For City of Langley Regular Council meeting of September 27, 2021.
Please note these are not the official minutes. Council Meeting Highlights are an informal summary. Council Meeting agenda is available here: For more information, please contact or

Bylaw 3161 - Road Closure Bylaw

Council gave final reading to Bylaw No. 3161 which closes a portion of surplus lane located between 5500 and 5510 Brydon Crescent to facilitate  the sale of the lane to the developer who owns property on both sides of lane to enable a multi-family residential development.

Bylaw 3183 - 2021 - 2025 Financial Plan Amendment No. 1

Council gave final reading to Bylaw No. 3183 which allows the City to amend its 2021-2025 Financial Plan.

Eligible School Site Proposal and School Site Acquisition Charge Update

Council passed a motion to:

1. Accept the School District No. 35 Eligible School Sites Proposal adopted by Langley Board of Education at its meeting on September 21, 2021; and

2. Request that the School Site Acquisition Charges collected in the City of Langley be utilized to fund capital improvements of school facilities in the City of Langley.

UBCM Asset Management Planning Program Grant Application

Council passed the following motion:

THAT Council endorses the UBCM Asset Management Planning grant application for Building / Property Condition Assessment;

THAT City staff will provide overall grant management; and

THAT the remaining project budget will be funded within the City of Langley’s 2021 Capital Plan.