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Notice of Public Hearing - Bylaw No. 3130, Zoning Amendment - July 20, 2020 7pm


Bylaw No. 3130 – Zoning Amendment 

Purpose:  To amend the Zoning Bylaw, 1996, No. 2100 as noted below.

The purpose of Bylaw 3130 is to amend the Zoning Bylaw to incorporate new commercial use definitions and separation distances between certain commercial uses.

Bylaw No. 3130 proposes to update and add commercial use definitions, including Body-rub Service, Personal Service, Body Art and Tattoo Service and Vapour Product Store, to Part 1 “Administration and Enforcement”, Section C “Definitions” as follows: 

(a)    Body-rub Service means the rubbing, massaging, stimulating or similar of a person’s body other than as part of a medical or therapeutic treatment given by a person who is either a massage therapy registrant under the Health Professions Act or a person who is eligible to be licensed as a therapeutic touch therapist under a business licensing bylaw of the City;  

(b)    Body Art and Tattoo Service means the marking and/or piercing of the skin of a person with a design, symbol, lettering or any other pattern by any means including branding, needles, pricking and body piercing;

(c)    Vapour Product Store means an establishment that primarily sells e-cigarettes, e-substances and cartridges for or components of an e-cigarette;

Replace the definition of “Personal Service” with the following:

“Personal Service” means a business that provides for the care of the body or the cleaning or repair of personal effects and includes a barber shop, beauty salon, shoe repair shop, dry cleaning shop and launderette, but does not include Body-rub Service”.

Bylaw No. 3130 proposes to add 400 metre separation distances between Body Art and Tattoo establishments and Vapour Product Stores to Part D “General Provisions”, Section 3 “Regulations Applicable to All Zones”:  

(j)    Body Art and Tattoo Service

No establishment containing body art and tattoo services shall be located within 400 metres of any other establishment containing body art and tattoo services.

(k)   Vapour Product Store

No vapour product store shall be located within 400 metres of any other vapour product store; and,  

Replace the term “Body rub parlour” with the term “Body-rub Service” in item “y” of the list of permitted uses for the C3 Specific Commercial Zone. 

The proposed changes will not impact existing operating tattoo and vape store businesses. If the bylaw is adopted by Council, these businesses can continue to operate and conduct business un-inhibited as ‘legal non-conforming uses’, subject to the applicable provisions of Division 14 - ‘Non-Conforming Use’ of the Local Government Act.

The proposed bylaw and staff report may be inspected online by clicking Bylaw 3130 & Staff Report.   

Comments may be submitted by mail to: Deputy Corporate Officer c/o Langley City Hall, 20399 Douglas Crescent, Langley, B.C. V3A 4B3 or by e-mail to and must be received by no later than 12:00pm on the day of the Public Hearing. All correspondence submitted will form part of the public record and may be published in a meeting agenda.

Interested parties may also provide comments by registering to attend the electronic Public Hearing and participating in the Zoom Webinar. Click… for details and instructions on how to participate.  

For further information, please contact:
Paula Kusack, Deputy Corporate Officer