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Langley City Unveils Vibrant 2024 Spring Banners


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Langley City Unveils Vibrant Spring Banners: "Flourish" by Local Artist Sichen Grace Chen

Langley City, BC – Langley City Operations Staff ushered in the spirit of spring as they decorated the City’s downtown core with the colourful and captivating 2024 Spring Street Banners.

"The changing of the City banners signals a new season ahead and the exciting energy to come from City events, programs, and more," remarked Kim Hilton, Director of Recreation, Culture, and Community Services.

The City received fifteen submissions for the 2024 Spring Street Banner Program announced in November 2023. Amongst many talented individuals and submissions, Sichen Grace Chen was selected and awarded a $1000 honorarium.

Titled "Flourish," the Spring banners were created and brought to life by Sichen Grace Chen, an experienced Langley Art Instructor at Art Village Visual Arts School and the Langley Arts Council. Chen's cheerful and vibrant artwork encapsulates the 2024 Spring Street Banner Program submission requirements.

"Langley City banners are a great way to showcase and support artists while bringing fresh vibrancy to our community," emphasized Kim Hilton.

Presented to Langley City Council on March 18, Sichen Grace Chen joined the Council meeting to provide insights into the artistic process behind her creations. "I sought to weave aspects of healthy living, art, culture, and recreation together to showcase the inclusivity and abundance of City activities and events," explained Sichen Grace. "My intent behind creating a bold yet welcoming illustration was to ensure that any passerby would feel at ease and gain an understanding of the community culture in Langley City."

(Langley City 2024 Spring Street Banners)

The right banner intricately intertwines elements of Langley City's creative hub, referencing the numerous music and art festivals that mark the onset of spring. On the left, the banner promotes healthy and active lifestyles in the City through inspiration drawn from the City's bike lanes, parks, and local gatherings.

The 2024 City Spring Banners will be on display from mid-March until mid-May. Langley City invites residents and visitors to take a stroll through the downtown core and immerse themselves in the vibrant and uplifting atmosphere enhanced by cheerful and colourful banners.


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Kim Hilton
Director of Recreation, Culture, and Community Services