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Langley City Steps Forward to Support Langley Senior Resources Society in Wake of Facility Emergency



The Mayor and Council presents a $34,000 cheque to the Langley Senior Resources Society (LSRS).

(From left to right: Councillor Leith White; Councillor Mike Solyom; Councillor Paul Albrecht; Councillor Rosemary Wallace; Mayor Nathan Pachal; Councillor Teri James; Councillor Delaney Mack; Kate Ludlam, LSRS Executive Director; Sherry Tingley, Board Vice-President; Loretta Solomon, Board President; and Michael Chang, Board Director.)

LANGLEY CITY, BC The Langley Senior Resources Society (LSRS) faced an unexpected challenge on Tuesday, January 16, when a burst sprinkler line caused significant flooding and damage to their Recreation & Resource Centre. In response to the urgent situation, the City of Langley is rallying to aid the LSRS during this difficult time.

Through the allocation of a community grant, the City of Langley will contribute $34,000 towards their $50,000 insurance deductible and additional restoration efforts required to address the aftermath of the incident.


“Recognizing the vital role that the LSRS plays in supporting the senior community, Langley City is committed to standing by them as they navigate the restoration process,” said Mayor Nathan Pachal. “The City believes in the importance of fostering a resilient and supportive community, especially during unforeseen challenges”.

To symbolize this commitment and support, Langley City asked Kate Ludlam, Executive Director of the Langley Senior Resources Society, to attend the March 4th Council meeting for a community spotlight. During this spotlight, Ms. Ludlam expressed the immediate needs of LSRS and graciously accepted the financial contribution from the City. “We know how important our organization is to seniors in Langley and this motivates us to restore the affected spaces as quickly as possible. This generous contribution greatly reduces the financial burden on our organization, and we are tremendously grateful for this timely and much-needed support from the City of Langley,” said Kate Ludlam.

“This collaboration reflects the strength of community bonds in Langley City and underscores the City's dedication to assisting essential organizations that enhance the well-being of our residents,” expressed Mayor Pachal.


The City of Langley is proud to stand beside the Langley Senior Resources Society and contribute to their restoration efforts, reinforcing a shared commitment to a thriving and supportive community.


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