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Langley City Mayor and Council Journeys to Ottawa to Champion Community Solutions


Langley City, B.C. –  The City of Langley Mayor and Council embarked on a proactive journey to Ottawa to engage with government members to discuss and advocate for solutions to pressing issues in Langley City and the Lower Mainland.

(Langley City Mayor Pachal and Councillors Albrecht, White and Solyom meet with members of the Pacific Caucus with MP John Aldag.)

During their visit, Mayor Pachal and Councillors Paul Albrecht, Leith White and Mike Solyom conducted productive meetings with members of the Pacific Caucus, as well as MP Peter Fragiskatos, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities, and MP Paul Chiang, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

(Left to right: Parliamentary Secretary Peter Fragiskatos, Mayor Pachal, Councillor Solyom, Councillor White, & MP John Aldag)

Discussions centred on the urgent need to address the housing crisis, with a particular emphasis on ongoing housing developments and the crucial role of Federal support, especially in securing funding under the Housing Accelerator Fund.

"Langley City is proactively addressing the housing crisis. With over 1,000 homes currently under construction and an additional 2,600 in the development application process, we are steadfast in our commitment to expanding housing options to meet the growing needs of our community," Mayor Pachal emphasized. "Moreover, the City is dedicated to prioritizing transit-oriented development, particularly with the imminent arrival of two new SkyTrain stations in Langley City by 2028.”

While the City’s Housing Accelerator Fund application was not approved, Mayor Pachal and the Council eagerly anticipate reapplying under the second round of the $400 million HAF top-up.

Additionally, Mayor Pachal and Council emphasized the importance of robust language training programs to support Langley City’s growing immigrant population. “Langley City's population has seen a significant increase as new immigrants arrive in Canada. It is essential that we extend our support to these newcomers within our community. By doing so, we can further foster Langley City as a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces diversity,” Mayor Nathan Pachal stressed.

(Left to Right: Councillor Solyom, Parliamentary Secretary Paul Chiang, Mayor Pachal, Councillor Albrecht, Councillor White)

Meetings were also held with MP Tako van Popta, MP Scott Atichison, and MP Brad Redekopp to highlight the need for the Federal government to establish a sustainable infrastructure assets renewal program to replace aging infrastructure. “While we have made substantial investments in replacing outdated infrastructure, this endeavor exceeds the financial capacity of local governments. Therefore, we require a sustainable infrastructure assets management fund to bolster investment in infrastructure renewal to accommodate our community's rapid growth,” Mayor Pachal stated.

(Mayors and Council had a productive working lunch with MP Tako van Popta, MP Brad Redekopp & Housing Shadow Minister Scott Aitchison)

Shadow Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugees, Tom Kmiec also agreed to meet with Mayor Pachal and Council to engage in a robust discussion on addressing skilled worker shortages and the need to review foreign student policies.

(Mayor and Council met with Immigration Shadow Minister Tom Kmiec)

Mayor Pachal and Council are optimistic about the outcomes of their trip to Ottawa, as they continue to work towards solutions for the community.

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