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Langley City Council Meetings Update


Effective September 29, 2021, the City of Langley will return to holding its Council and Committee Meetings, and Public Hearings in-person, at City Hall, 20399 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC to comply with the provincial Bill 10 Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendments Acts, which will come into force on that day. Regular Council Meetings will again be scheduled for 7:00 pm.

These in-person meetings will be held in compliance with the requirements of current Provincial Health Officer Orders. For information on meeting dates and current requirements for attending these in-person meetings, click here.

In accordance with Bill 10, the city may conduct council and committee meetings by electronic means if the city’s council procedure Bylaw is amended to include electronic meeting provisions. Bill 10 also allows for public hearings to be conducted by electronic means. Further public notice will be provided regarding potential amendments to the city’s council procedure Bylaw to permit these types of electronic meetings.

For further information, please contact:
Kelly Kenney, Corporate Officer