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Vision & Values


The Place to Be


A vibrant, healthy and safe community.

Values - P.R.I.D.E.

People: Our customer service priority

Our commitment to people will be demonstrated by:

  • Using effective two-way communication through seeking input, active listening and respecting diversity and other points of view.
  • Providing timely and reliable customer service by being proactive, courteous, friendly, helpful, open-minded and results oriented.
  • Practicing leadership through our own actions, empowering employees, clarifying expectations, expecting accountability, providing growth opportunities and building leaders.

Respect: How we treat people

We will maintain a respectful working environment by:

  • Acknowledging and supporting decisions and being part of the team.
  • Being sincere and consistent in words and actions.
  • Listening and being supportive of the needs of others.
  • Being caring and understanding.

Integrity: How we carry out our responsibilities

We use integrity to get our work done by:

  • Maintaining consistency between stated values and actions.
  • Following through on commitments.
  • Correcting errors and omissions in a timely manner.
  • Practicing open, transparent and honest two-way communications.

Dynamics: How we strive for innovation

We will promote a dynamic workplace that values a freedom to explore which will foster creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by:

  • Being a customer-focused workforce.
  • Being accepting of failure in trying new ideas.
  • Celebrating successes.

Expectations: How we anticipate the future

We will create a business approach that anticipates the needs of the community by;

  • Aiming to go beyond expectations.
  • Having a lasting effect on creating and sustaining a progressive community.
  • Respecting the need for ongoing change and new innovative solutions.
  • Recognizing the need for lifelong learning, training and education.