Coat of Arms

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City of Langley

The Coat of Arms and Flag are Symbols of the City of Langley. The Coat of Arms includes a Shield, a Crest, Supporters, Compartment and a Motto.



The Shield is in the centre of the Coat of Arms. The gold cross symbolizes the historic crossroads of Yale Road (now Fraser Highway), Smuggler’s Trail (Glover Road) and the B.C. Electric Railway (Michaud Crescent) at the heart of the City of Langley. The blue star of Innes in the centre of the shield reflects the original name of this intersection, “Innes Corners”, after the important pioneer and landowner named Adam Innes. The City’s flag uses the same symbols as the shield.



The Crest is at the top of the Coat of Arms and includes a black lion holding the City’s flag and a canoe. The lion is a symbol of the MacMillan family from Scotland and is used in the crest to celebrate the arrival of James MacMillan in the Langley area in 1824. The canoe shows how MacMillan’s party travelled up the Nicomekl River. The Supporters are the horse and elk that support the shield. The elk represents the natural history of the area while the horse honours the early pioneers of the area who relied on horsepower for farming and transportation.



The Compartment is the area at the base of the Coat of Arms and includes green grass and blue and white wavy stripes. The grass stands for the land of the City and especially for its original fields. The blue and white stripes represent the Nicomekl River.


Motto The City’s Motto is “Strength of Purpose, Spirit of Community”. The Motto is a saying that expresses the City of Langley’s identity and character.