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Master Transportation Plan

The City of Langley is updating its 2014 Master Transportation Plan (MTP) to shape the future of transportation in Langley and respond to changing transportation needs and trends.

Transportation is an important part of everyone’s daily lives – it affects how we move throughout the City of Langley, how our community looks and feels, and how we interact with one another. The City’s transportation system is changing, with the new SkyTrain extension being built, the growing population in the city, and new developments. Transportation decisions affect our community’s health, environment, and economy.

Over the next 12-months, the City of Langley will identify strategies and projects to improve the transportation network for all users, which will be incorporated into the new MTP. This Plan will consider how best to develop the transportation network and supportive policies to meet the changing needs of our community. The final MTP will address all the ways we get around the City of Langley, including driving, walking, bicycling, and taking public transportation.

Master Transportation Planning Process

October 2021 – December 2021: The project team will review the existing transportation infrastructure and identify gaps in the network. During this phase, community members and residents will be invited to provide input via an online survey to identify transportation priorities and current travel patterns and help us understand issues and opportunities for walking, bicycling, transiting, and driving in the City of Langley.

November 2021 – January 2022: Based on feedback heard from the online survey, City staff, and Council, a project vision, goals, and objectives will be developed for the MTP. Community members, residents, and stakeholders will be invited to provide input on the MTP’s vision, goals, objectives, and key issues and opportunities through open house-style events.

January 2022 – April 2022: The project team will define and finalize transportation strategies and improvements to be included in the MTP, which will be shared with community members, residents, and stakeholders to gather feedback on the draft strategies, policies, and improvements.

May 2022 – October 2022: In the final stage of the MTP process, the project team will develop a final plan that is attainable and implementable. The final MTP will incorporate strategies, improvements, and feedback from the earlier stages of the project, and include recommendations for each mode of transportation, as well as an implementation and monitoring strategy. A final round of public consultation will take place to share the final MTP with community members and residents before presenting it to Council.

Understanding the Current Context - Community Survey #1

The City's first 15-minute survey is now closed. The first round of engagement has been summarized. View the Round 1 Engagement Summary Report.

Please stay tuned for the next engagement opportunities in June 2022 that focuses on identifying local transportation issues and opportunities in Langley.