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The Finance Division supplies the City’s accounting and financial management requirements which include payroll, accounts payable, tax/utility billing and collection, cost control reporting, financial reporting, cash management and the annual budget preparation. The division is also responsible for risk management and maintaining insurance to protect the City and it’s assets from economic loss as the result of litigation, accident or a natural disaster.


Financial Plans

The financial planning process begins in late summer as department heads work with finance staff to firm up their operating and capital budgets. They ensure that projects flow through from the City's strategic and other plans so that corporate goals are achieved. Once draft plans become available, there are several meetings between staff and Council before taking the plans to the public for input. Out of this process a bylaw will be voted on by Council in February that will set the plans in motion and budgets in place. 

2017 Financial Plan

The City of Langley will be hosting a Financial Plan Open House on Wednesday, February 1st at 6:00 pm in the Langley City Hall Finance Department foyer (20399 Douglas Crescent).  The 2017 Financial Plan currently has a gap of $883,595 between total revenues and planned expenditures which would equate to a 3.61% increase in property taxes to balance the budget.  Including utility rate increases, the impact on an average multi-family home (assessed at $253,636) would be an increase of 3.20% or $39 and an average single family home (assessed at $728,339) would see an increase of 5.92% or $170.

City Council will be holding a Committee of the Whole meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday, February 6th in the Council Chambers where a public presentation of the Financial Plan will be made.  Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for the public to share their views with City Council on how the shortfall should be addressed. Additional information can be found on our website at

The capital construction expenditure budget, not included above, is $21,758,145 for 2017 and is funded through transfers from reserves and senior government infrastructure grants.

Financial Plan Documents for Download

Budget Message

Budget Highlights

Financial Plan Fact Sheet

Financial Plan

Capital Improvement Plan



Property Taxes

Property taxes make up the largest percentage of the City's revenue and are used to fund operations and capital projects. Property Tax Notices are mailed each May and are due at the beginning of July.

2017 Tax Rates

2016 Tax Rates

Claim Home Owner Grant

Tax Notices

Tax notices will be in the mail at the end of May. If you are living at your property and are eligible, ensure you complete your home owner grant application before the tax due date of July 4th. The home owner grant is a Provincial Government program which offsets the school taxes on your tax notice. By signing the home owner grant on the bottom of your tax notice, you are reducing your tax bill by $570 or $845 is you are over 65 years old.

Water & Sewer Rates

The City has adopted a user pay philosophy as it relates to water consumption. Virtually all properties in the City have water meters. The 2017 rates are $1.16 per cubic meter in addition to a $75 fee. Residential water meters are read annually in March and are billed on your tax notice which you should receive at the end of May.

Commercial water users are billed every two months and receive a 10% discount if the bill is paid within 30 days. Commercial water rates (after allowing for the discount) are the same as residential rates.

Water saving techniques and altering your water consumption habits can save you money! Showering for five minutes takes approximately 114 litres or 25 gallons. A high efficiency shower head cuts that volume in half. The same is true for a faucet aerator and low flow toilets. If you leave the tap running when brushing your teeth you will use about 90 litres or 20 gallons a day. An alternative, by turning off the tap while brushing cuts it down to 2.25 litres or half a gallon.

Sewer charges are based on 80% of the water consumption charged at $1.04 per cubic meter in addition to a $75 fee.

Tax Prepayment Plan

The City's tax prepayment plan which allows you to make 11 easy monthly instalments towards your next year's property taxes. Over 27% of the City's property owners are now taking advantage of this plan. Starting in July we estimate what the following year's taxes will be and take a property tax installment directly from your bank account on the 15 of each month. By the time the property taxes are billed the following May you will have a prepayment balance which will be used to offset the property tax billing. If you overpay we deposit your refund back into your bank account shortly after the July due date. If our estimate was a little off you can forward to us the balance owing along with your home owner grant application by July 2nd. The plan is convenient in that you don't have to worry about paying one lump sum on the tax due date, a good investment as we pay you interest on the your prepayment balance, and easy to start.

Download the Tax Prepayment Plan application

Change of Address

We recognize that there are property owner's in the City that do not reside at their property. Please remember to let us know if you are moving and changing your mailing address. Each year we have a number of property tax notices returned by Canada Post. You are still required to make the property tax payment by the July 4th due date regardless if you receive the notice. Help us help you.

Tax Notice Instructions to Taxpayers

Home Owner Grant

See explanatory notes on the back of your tax notice for qualifications. If eligible, complete the application in full, each and every year. You may claim the grant without making a payment. To avoid penalties on the grant amount application must be received by the Finance Department on or before July 4th. To avoid loss of the grant eligibility, the application must be received no later than December 31. Click here for more information about homeowner grants.

Additional Grant Requirements (Column C) - If you:

  • will be 65 in the current year or older, complete your date of birth on the grant application
  • are receiving the War Veteran's Allowance, or Merchant Navy or Civilian War Allowance, send the stub from your most recent DVA cheque with your grant application.
  • are receiving an allowance under the "Disability Benefit Program Act" obtain a letter confirming your status from your Department of Human Resources caseworker, and send it to us with your grant application.
  • are a person with a permanent physical disability and are likely to require physical assistance or costly environmental modifications to your home in order to manage normal daily functioning in your home, call the Finance Department at 604-514-2800 to obtain a medical certificate to be completed by your physician.

Payment of Taxes (Authorized Collection Agencies)

Full or partial payment may be made by July 4th at the City Hall (corner of Douglas Crescent and 204th Street) or at most branches of the following authorized collection agencies:

  • CIBC
  • TD Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • HSBC
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • National Bank
  • Prospera Credit Union
  • Envision Credit Union
  • Westminster Savings Credit Union
  • Royal Bank
  • Coast Capital Savings
  • VanCity Credit Union

If making a payment on the due date, please check your bank stamp to ensure the correct date. Payments made at the above agencies may be subject to a service charge.

Taxes paid by mortgage companies

You must still apply for the Home Owners Grant if eligible, by July 4th to avoid penalties. Contact your mortgage company for instructions on whether to send the completed grant application to your mortgage company or directly to the City of Langley.


A 5% penalty will be added to the outstanding current taxes remaining unpaid after July 4th, and a further 5% will be added after August 2nd. These penalties are also applicable to the Home Owner Grant portion of your taxes if you do not apply by July 4th. 

Interest on unpaid taxes from prior years

Interest is charged at the prevailing rate from January 1st of this year to the date payment is received. For convenience, the interest shown on the tax notice has been calculated to July 4th. The interest rate is set by the Province on the 1st day of January, May and September. At January 1, 2016, the rate was 5.70%

Delinquent taxes

If taxes are delinquent, this property may be sold for taxes at 10:00 am on the last Monday on September 26th in 2016, unless the delinquent taxes plus interest are sooner paid.


To reduce civic expenses, please accept your cancelled cheque as your receipt. Detach and enclose the remittance stub (grant application) with your payment. However, if you require a receipted tax statement, send the entire tax notice with a note attached requesting a receipt. Receipt is void if cheque is dishonoured.

Property sold

If you no longer own this property, please forward this tax notice to the new owners or return it to the City of Langley advising us of the new owners name and address.

New Owners

If your name does not appear on the tax notice as the registered owner and you are eligible for the Home Owners Grant, you may apply for the grant but you must enclose a copy of the Transfer of Fee Simple or other document conveying the property to you showing the registration and the date of registration at the Land Titles Office.

Change of Mailing Address

If the mailing address on the tax notice is not correct, please advise the Finance Department. Notification given to other civic departments may not alter property tax and assessment records.

For further information

Please telephone the Finance Department at (604) 514-2800. 

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